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"Simply put, Podiumwear is the best custom team uniform apparel in the World."


Podiumwear delivers the best products and takes the headaches out of team ordering by taking hidden charges and set-up fees out of the equation.

Innovative Options..

RUSH Service: Need you uniforms in four weeks. We can do it! Check out www.podiumwear.com/rush-order/.

No Minimum Reorder: While we will have a minimum order with your initial purchase (6), there will be no minimum on reorders. Your suit cost will be the same on your reorder as on your initial order regardless of the number of suits on the reorder. The reorder price is guaranteed for three years.

Name Tag Technology: Only Podiumwear offers name tag technology so that you can personalize every piece of your team uniform with team members names. You'll be just like the national teams! Look at www.podiumwear.com/nametag.htm for more information.

Four Color Process: Your suits can have as few or as many colors as you like for the same price. Our printing process can handle photographic quality images. Free your mind from the one and two color designs.

Questions? Read the FAQs.

Podiumwear Website. . . www.podiumwear.com/sports/nordic/

Lafleur de la Capitale

"Setting the Stage. Setting the Pace.

La mise en scène. Au rythme du client."
From event set up, crowd control, first-aid and waste management, Lafleur has experienced work crews who understand the logistics of providing behind the scene services to ensure all the venues are a success. In addition to supporting the delivery of large City-wide events, Lafleur also has worked with a number of local music festivals, business associations and local government departments in the support and servicing their events. Lafleur de la Capitale has the staff, creativity and equipment to make your dream a reality, whether it be providing snow for a ski trail in July, or serving up hot chili beside a roaring fire in the middle of Gatineau Park on a frosty winter day.

Lafleur de la Capitale Website. . . www.lafleur.ca

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
Buy your Gatineau Park Trail Pass at the Visitor Centre!

Vauhti wax from Canadian WinterSports

"Vauhti Waxes. . . the conditions are always right!" Vauhti is one of the oldest wax brands in the world. The first Vauhti waxes were manufactured in 1937 and the larger commercial scale production began in 1945. And true to its name, Vauhti is still going strong! The corner stone of the Vauhti business is based on innovative product development - Teho grips and Fox Gel Fluor Polymer Emulsions - thorough field testing through our Vauhti Service Team, co-operation with the best available specialists in research of chemical technology and with many of the best skiers in the world.

Vauhti wax from Canadian WinterSports Website. . . www.canadianwintersports.com

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
Greg Chritie's, Fresh Air Experience, Pecco's

Infinity Ski Poles

"Infinity Ski Poles - Lighter, Stronger, Faster, Better!" Infinity ski poles are lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever and they have better swing weight as well. All Infinity ski poles carry an on-snow warranty against breakage, as well as our 100% satisfaction guarantee. The lighter weight and superior performance characteristics of all Infinity Ski poles will result in a faster, less fatiguing, and more enjoyable sporting experience for an elite skier or a recreational enthusiast.

Infinity Ski Poles Website. . . www.infinityskipoles.com

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Buy poles directly from us, email: info@xcottawa.ca.


"Engine Coolant for Your Body!"

e loadTM can and should be used during both pre-exercise and exercise phases. e loadTM is a physiologically formulated sports drink with the emphasis on four important performance factors:

   -  Optimum hydration, facilitated by higher sodium levels.
   -  The most effective replenisher of sweat electrolyte on the market today, countering the depleting effects of sweating, and providing an important weapon against the development of heat illness.
   -  Rapid fueling with its primary carbohydrate, high glycemic index dextrose, reducing the chance of bonking.
   -  Buffering lactic acid production with MultiCitrateTM.

More information about e loadTM ...

   - eload Snapshot
   - Science of eload
   - eload Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
   - Customize your eload
   - Using eload
   - Comparison Chart of Sports Drinks
   - Dr. Douglas Stoddard's Blog about heat related problems and illness.

Eload Website. . . www.medioncorp.com

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
Kiwi Mike's (Cyclery), Cycle Logik, Bushtukah, Greg Christie's, Zone3Sports, RunningRoom.. see the full list of Ottawa Area Retailers


"Heat Recovery Formula!"

There's a lot of research and science that have gone into the creation of EMENDTM. Please read the Emend Science and the Emend Snapshot to learn all about this product.


If EMENDTM doesn't increase your heat recovery by decreasing nausea, stomach upset, muscle cramps, headache and fatigue, simply return the unused portion of your EMENDTM along with proof of purchase and a brief explanation of your experience with EMENDTM, to Medion Corporation for a full refund. *

* Please consult your physician should these symptoms persist.

Emend Website. . . http://www.medioncorp.com/hm/emend/inside.php?sid=25

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
Kiwi Mike's (Cyclery), Cycle Logik, Bushtukah, Greg Christie's, Zone3Sports, RunningRoom.. see the full list of Ottawa Area Retailers

Fresh Air Experience

"Get Powered by Fresh Air" Welcome to Fresh Air Experience, the official retailer of the Canadian National Cross-Country Ski Team.

Fresh Air Experience has been providing Ottawa and area with high quality outdoor goods and services since 1969.

We specialize in cross-country skis, bicycles, clothes and many other great products.

We have friendly, well-trained staff just waiting to help you gear up for your favorite sport.

Just give us a call or drop us a line, it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Fresh Air Experience Website. . . www.freshairexp.com

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
1291 Wellington
Ottawa, ON

Madawaska Kanu Centre

"Pack your paddle." Whether you're a beginner or ready to go pro, we'll help you improve your skills in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

Choose a 5-Day Whitewater Vacation or try one of our Weekend Clinics and discover why MKC is not just another Paddling School. It is a unique, Whitewater Vacation Centre. Started in 1972 by our parents, MKC is now internationally rated as one of the best paddling schools worldwide.

MKC's combination of outstanding Kayak and Open Canoe instruction, delicious meals and a stunning location with guaranteed warm whitewater is a formula that has Beginner to Expert paddlers returning each summer. Located on the Madawaska River in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.

We realize your holiday time is precious. We have a tradition to please the needs of every student. So don't settle for anything less.

Madawaska Kanu Centre Website. . . www.mkc.ca

Owl Rafting

"OWL Rafting - The Mighty Ottawa River" From the gleam of fast-moving clear-water, to the rumble and sudden rush and tumble of rapid action -- this is your chance to get in on the ‘current' sensation. OWL Rafting owned and operated by Claudia and Dirk Van Wijk, National and International Whitewater Champions, operates out of Forester's Falls, Ontario, with raft excursions down the legendary 12 km ‘Rocher Fendu' rapids of the Ottawa River .

The OWL experience takes place just ninety minutes from the Nation's Capital -- and takes you right out of this world. Open to singles, couples, or groups, OWL's excursions embark 7 days a week, from mid-May through September. OWL offers you a full day, by far the longest tour on the Ottawa River . Our six hour trip is complimented by a BBQ meal aboard the Pontoon Boat which meets you after the last rapid for the return cruise to the OWL Resort. Just one of the reasons four out of five of our river rafters are either return visitors, or have sought us out on the recommendation of friends.

Owl Rafting Website. . . www.owlrafting.com

JSID :: Jessica Spring Illustration + Design

"Jessica Spring - Illustration + Design"

JSID :: Jessica Spring Illustration + Design Website. . . linearramblings.blogspot.com


"Winning Moves"

Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision watches for diving, training and outdoor activities. For XC Ottawa athletes the most used product is the T6 from the Suunto Training series. Suunto's training series provides accurate and reliable guidance to Athletes about their bodies and environment, inspiring them to push their limits and get the most out of their training.

Also provided by Suunto is an online tool for reviewing each 'Move' in more detail. Movescount.com displays all the key data of your workout, such as max heart rate, average heart rate, training effect, training length, laps, etc..

It is also an online community for sharing your best moves with everyone, or just specific moves with your coach via email.

Suunto Website. . . http://www.suunto.com

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
Fresh Air Experience, Bushtukah, Mountain Equipment Co-op


"Sustaining People in Motion" XC Ottawa athletes will be consuming Clif Bars and Clif Shot energy gels during their 2006 season to supplement their training and racing nutrition needs. Clif Bar produces great tasting bars in yummy flavors like chocolate brownie, crunchy peanut butter, and cookie's n cream, and they seem to fare better for cold outdoor activities than other bars that turn into ice blocks! Clif Bar also sets the bar for a company philosophy that supports organic farming, the community and our environment. Clif Bars are proof that food that comes in a package can be wholesome. The company believes that you shouldn't have to enlist a scientist to understand the ingredients on a bar's label. From the beginning, Clif Bar's commitment has been to creating all natural foods with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. To that end, they use whole oats, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Their reason for doing so is simple: whole foods provide the most complete, balanced nutrition.

ClifBar Website. . . www.clifbar.com

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
In the Ottawa area, you can get Clif Bars at the Mountain Equipment Coop, Bushtukah, Trailhead, the Natural Food Pantry, Herb & Spice, Loeb Glebe, Glebe Aphothecary, Kardish Specialty Foods, as well as several Loblaws locations.

Rudy Project

"Technically Cool Eyewear!" Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and accessories using the application of science, advanced materials and computer technology to create functional, aesthetically superior and technologically advanced products.

Rudy Project Website. . . www.e-rudy.com

Support local retailers selling their products. . .
Fresh Air Experience, Bushtukah, Kiwi Mike's


"Clean Oxygen Fed Sports Films" XCZONE is a leader in clean oxygen fed sports cinematography. The company promotes power endurance sports such as cross-country skiing, triathlon, biathlon, running, inline and biking, etc. Noted for a high standard of Master's Ski Camps and Instructional and motivational media. Expert in promotional packages for athletes and sports products.

XCZone.tv Website. . . www.xczone.tv